Freitag, 10. Juni 2011
Rory's Review on last night's Spunk
Well from a thursday night rover point of view, it was
packed, but i´m afraid none of our people. Guess the
flyer and all it´s talk didn´t awake enough interest, or
maybe germanys next top model was just too exciting
to get anyone away from their tvs (o; On a personal
note, the lads were really sound, and their fans too!
Drinkers, i guess, who realized if they didn´t bring
their glasses back too the bar, would probably have
too wait that little bit longer to get a refill (o:
And last but in no means least, musically. I really
enjoyed them, a little raw perhaps (like a lot of our
bands they need gigs gigs gigs). I thought some of
their songs were great, and a couple of moments
even brought me back too the good old days of
Tantrum, not so much the style, just the feeling. In
end effect i´d say, a good rock band with a touch of
pop, which i guess kept their many female fans dancing
and happy (o: Actually i´m not sure how long we have
too go back in the rover calendar, to find a night with
such a good atmosphere. But if my memory serves me
well, it was way back on tuesday with the Butts (o:

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Samstag, 14. Mai 2011
Rory on the Irish participants at this year's Eurovision Song Contest
Rory asked me to post this in his name.
Thing is, he wrote this at 4am and pretty much pissed out of his mind, so i can't really say if he would STILL want me to post it exactly like he wrote it, which - of course - makes it rather worthwhile for me. ^^
So, here goes:

"Hey Stef, i know i can´t reach the whole world with this mail.
But could you at least tell your facebook followers that today the
14th of may, eurovision song contest day, is one of my darkest days ever. Never have i been so embarrassed or even disturbed, by
what ireland has too offer. So please PLEASE all you rover people
out there, when ye think IRELAND, think Lizzy, Gallagher, Frames,.
or even if you must U2, but never come to me with (shit i don´t know
what they´re called) this euro shite! GOD I`M SOOO ASHAMED, i
almost wish i was english (o: "


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Mittwoch, 27. April 2011
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Regelmäßige Termine gibts hier - !!!!

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